Better plans, better prices, and way better customer service than Blue Cross.

Sana gives you Fortune 500-level benefits at small business prices. We’ve simplified health insurance — making open enrollment, benefits admin, and everything in between easier than ever.

Start getting better
benefits now.

Small businesses save big with Sana.

No out of-network fees
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
95%+ customer satisfaction score
Free telehealth visits on all plans
Free labs and imaging
Primary care visits
$25-$50 $25
Urgent care visits
$25-$80 $25
Specialty care visits
$45-$80 $50
Emergency room visits
$300-$750 $200
Start getting better benefits now.

Happy Customers came to Sana to get away from skyrocketing benefits costs. They’ve stayed because the customer support is “unbelievable.”
Sana is changing the way these businesses do benefits.

Tools that do more so you don’t have to.

Manage your organization’s benefits more easily than ever before. See your medical, dental, vision and other benefits with a single log-in. Get access to admin tools that save you time as you go through open enrollment, add new employees, and so much more.
  • Benefits Analytics
  • Plan Administration & Management
  • Medical, Pharmacy, Dental, & Vision
  • Navigation & Patient Advocacy

Still have questions?
We've got answers.

Who can become a Sana customer?
Sana provides benefits to employers. Sana can currently serve employers in Texas, Illinois, Kentucky, Arizona, Oklahoma, Ohio, Indiana and Virginia.
How many employees do I need to qualify for a Sana plan?
Currently, Sana can serve businesses with a minimum of 2 employees and 5 total enrollees.
What if my business already has insurance through a PEO?
No problem. You can keep your PEO for everything except benefits and get those from Sana. Sana integrates with many PEOs. It's common for our customers to "carve out" benefits for us and keep the rest with their PEO.
How much money will my employer save with Sana?
Each customer's rates will depend on a variety of factors, but we find that it's common for our customers to save 20% versus their legacy carrier's rates.
We can't switch until the end of our plan year, right?
Not true! You can switch any time you like. You aren't bound to stay with your current benefits provider through the plan year.

Ready to change the way you do benefits?